C. A. Galpern

President and Chief Executive Officer

As President and CEO, Mr. Galpern is responsible for managing Sarofim’s overall operations and leading the firm’s investment strategies and portfolios.  He has been with Sarofim since 1987 and has built a strong team of investment professionals to oversee separate account and fund portfolios.  Al is responsible for building the firm’s client and asset base, as well as the strong performance history over time.  Al leads Sarofim’s Investment Committee and is the portfolio manager for two of the firm’s commingled funds. He is also the primary investor relations contact for all major accounts.

Prior to joining Sarofim, he served in positions of Treasurer and Chief Operating Officer of The Williams Companies and a Dallas-based real estate development firm, respectively. He gained experience in real estate finance, asset and portfolio restructuring, and overall development at these firms.

Al graduated from Dartmouth College with Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering degrees, and from Stanford University with an MBA.  He is a member of PREA and NAREIM.

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