Sarofim Realty Advisors develops and executes customized investment strategies for a select number of long-term clients.

Sarofim Realty Advisors’ approach to the real estate investment management business is focused on three cornerstones:

•   A client-centered fiduciary culture
•   An applied research-driven investment process
•   Exceptional real estate expertise

Fiduciary Culture - Sarofim’s culture is based on understanding and satisfying our client’s objectives. It is also a culture of always putting the client’s best interest first. We focus on a small group of clients, enabling our principals to be involved with each account on an ongoing basis. This strong fiduciary climate emanates from our parent firm and allows us to be patient in buying and disciplined in selling, ensuring that we always serve the best interests of our clients.

Applied Research - Research is critical to our investment philosophy. Over the last several years, we have made a substantial investment in people, technology, and data in order to utilize research across the entire investment process. Research drives the development of the investment strategies, focuses our sourcing efforts, and augments our underwriting and due diligence processes. Regular updates about markets and competitive conditions are also critical to our asset management process and hold/sell decisions. Research is one of the cornerstones of our investment process, and ensures the appropriate balancing of our efforts.

Real Estate Operations - Successful investing also requires professionals with hands-on real estate experience. Understanding the “how’s and why’s” of real estate properties is critical to successful investing. Our commitment to this discipline is reflected in the backgrounds of the professionals in our real estate group. Experience in leasing, property management and/or asset management is a prerequisite for the acquisition group. Knowing the operating characteristics of a property, in perspective to its competition and marketplace, is critical to understanding the risks of an investment. Our asset managers are exceptionally hands-on and, working with data supplied by research, are capable of underwriting and maximizing returns from properties and markets.

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